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Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Event

Come Game with Us on Saturday April 27 at 5pm for the War of the Spark Pre-Release Event.

War of the Spark Pre-release offers players their first chance to play with the new set a week before it goes on sale!

Each player will receive a Pre-release Pack that they can use after the event as a take-home deck box. Inside each Pre-release box, players will find six War of the Spark booster packs, a spindown life counter, a themed insert, and a randomized, date-stamped premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic rare in the set. 

We recommend you bring a set of sleeves to protect your cards during play or one set can be purchased on site if needed, but it's not required.

JIMMY JOHN'S CATERING will be included with the event seating.  Plus we'll have some giveaways / prizes given out during the night.

$30 entry includes tax. (Select In-Store Pick up for delivery option)

Please click on the ticket link below to reserve your seat / pack. 

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